End Conflict In Every Part Of Your Life...

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If you're finding yourself fed up and angry with the people in your life...

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It's so easy to get caught up with anger.

Me and RufusEveryone else's, and yours in response.

You may be wondering if everyone has such a hard time standing up for themselves - or perhaps you have no problem standing up for yourself!

Perhaps expressing your anger comes so easily to you that you’re quick to lose your temper and end up regretting the violent words that fly out of your mouth before you can stop them.

I used to hate conflict. I wanted to avoid it at all costs. And somehow, I ended up becoming a lawyer, dealing with conflict every day.

I struggled with being too soft, or too tough, and saw my clients facing the same struggles. But for them, it was even harder, because they were the ones feeling wronged, or angry, or sad.

They were the ones fighting with their sisters and brothers over how to care for an aging parent, or yelling at their ex about where their child would spend Thanksgiving.

And it wasn’t always just personal relationships that created so much drama – neighbors fought over dogs barking, and business owners felt cheated by clients who never paid.

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